• review rating 0  The instructors are really good, I mean, really, really good. They excel with children, especially children with special needs. I have an autistic son and they work well with him. The kids have fun and learn more than combat skills. Discipline, respect and fitness are at the very core of their mission. Every session, at least one instructor goes around and greets everyone.

    thumb Lee Wetmore

    review rating 0  Great instructors. So much fun and a great workout.

    thumb Kathy McAfee Heck

    review rating 5  Wonderful staff and a great program! Both my kids have benefited so much since they started!!

    thumb Heather Davis

    review rating 5  Instructors are awesome and great with kids. My son loves it.

    thumb Brenda Holler

    review rating 5  My son recently started the Lil Ninja's program with Mr. Carson and he loves it. He has caught on very quickly and Carson and his staff are so awesome with all the kids. We look forward to every class.

    thumb Jennifer Teeple Mountjoy

    review rating 0  attended their free women's self defense seminar today and I can't wait to get back!!! the trainers are amazing and ensure your comfort at every level but I walked out of there with way more confidence than what I had walked in with! I got to see my 12 year old daughter learn how to defend herself and it was AMAZING!! I would HIGHLY recommend Carson and his team who love their community and desire to keep it safe!! you won't regret spending your money here!!!

    thumb Lotus Angel

    review rating 0  If you want a place for your kids to learn karate, how to become a great person to the community overall and have fun doing it then Pooler Karate is the place for your kids. They make it feel like family.

    thumb Jimmy Alger

    review rating 5  Carson Fortner and Pooler Karate have been such a blessing to my lil man Maddox! He has come such a long way in the year and half he has been involved with the Special Kicks program. Karate is his favorite thing to do! Not only has this been a great experience for Maddox but for me as well. Carson, his family and his staff are some of the best people I've ever had the pleasure of knowing.

    thumb Chelly Davis

    review rating 0  This is going to be a long review but I feel that I have to write it so get ready. We registered our son on 2017 when we moved to Savannah and lived here for 9 months then moved to a different State and moved back to Savannah this year. My son was a very introverted and had difficulty socializing with kids. We tried Play and learn at Gymboree, My Gym, Library activities, art classes ( back home) but he couldn't cope with them, I was very frustrated and worried that nothing was working. We end up moving to Savannah and started Karate it was amazing! how he started blossoming he was not afraid of being in front and surrounded of other kids. The instructors are Great! they have the balance of being fun and at the same time strict and disciplined, the kids are not afraid of them...the kids respect them and loved them. We moved to another State and move back to Savannah and guess what? there he is again at Pooler Karate, my son is every day more confident, discipline and focused, we love this place!

    thumb Katherine J Taype
  • review rating 0  Pooler Karate is amazing!! All the instructors have such a heart for what they do but even more so for their students....especially our kids with special needs. I totally recommend Carson Fortner’s pooler Karate to anyone!!

    thumb Christy Tolbert Mock

    review rating 5  Mr. Carson and his crew are simply amazing! I am beyond impressed not only with their teaching skills but their patience and overall positive attitude. I love it!

    thumb Koral Bernal

    review rating 5  I really enjoyed visiting yesterday to watch the testing for belts! It was a great experience and the discipline and respect shown and taught by Carson Fortner and his staff was top notch. The place was well kept, clean and a very positive atmosphere. I would encourage anyone looking for martial arts training to look no further because THIS is the place to be!

    thumb Kevin Goss

    review rating 5  It is such a great facility for the children!!!!! The staff is amazing and they can have fun in class but also teach discipline at the same time! It is exactly what my son needed and he cannot wait to go to class every week.

    thumb Kassie Pasztor-Jones

    review rating 0  So far my grandson is in love with Pooler Karate. I love the discipline and instruction he receives from each instructor. His little mind has absorbed so much information in such a short amount of time! I love watching him each time I get to take him!

    thumb Susannah Hinely Dixon

    review rating 5  Our family is so blessed by Carson Fortner and Pooler Karate! He and his instructors model and teach much more than karate - integrity, responsibiity, determination, etc! Thankful that our son has this outlet to train hard, learn much, and grow in multiple ways!

    thumb Lana Chilton

    review rating 5  We love this place and the entire staff! Mr. Carson and the rest of the crew do great with the kids. I love the toughness they bring as well as the kindness. I highly recommend Carson Fortners pooler karate!! Go little ninjas 🙂

    thumb Jocelyn Aguilar

    review rating 0  I Have the family plan ,I love it ... All the instructors are so nice and welcoming yet strict when needed with the kids ... Definitely recommend this place ... Carson and his team are AMAZING!!! ❤️

    thumb Paola Yamilleth Rios Mendez

    review rating 5  We've been making the drive out to Carson Fortner's Karate from Whitmarsh Island for almost a year now and cannot say how much we love him and his whole team. We never thought about Karate as an option till one of our friends suggested the free trial. One class and our daughter was completely hooked. She has become such an empowered little girl and responds really well to the discipline that he instills in them. We've continued his teachings of respect and self confidence at home and have seen an improvement in her behavior. She looks forward to going to Karate and practicing her moves at home. I cannot recommend taking your child to his studio and reaping the benefits that come with it.

    thumb Dawn Cahill Brosnan
  • review rating 0  Had such an awesome time with the instructors! Learned a lot of helpful tips and I hopefully will end up going again!

    thumb Caroline Allen

    review rating 5  Mr Carson Fortner and his staff are undoubtedly the best in Chatham County. Not only he and his staff great with the kids they truly care for their students and our community and other also. In our time here at Pooler Karate we have seen incredible positive changes in my kids and others. Their confidence and self assurance has increased exponentially.

    thumb Ashish Patel

    review rating 5  Our 3 and 4 year old boys are loving the Little Ninja program. They look forward to it every week. The instructors are great with little kids. Not only are they learning karate but also respect, self control, and listening.

    thumb Meghan Diane Jewett

    review rating 5  I took my 2 year old here yesterday for his first class. He was tired and overwhelmed and fussed a good bit, but Carson made us feel welcome anyway. Both instructors went out of there way to get him to warm up and participate and I was very impressed with the structure, discipline and enthusiasm they showed to all the kids there. We will definitely be regulars!

    thumb Kitt Dobry

    review rating 5  My son absolutely loves going to karate here and Carson and the whole staff are always so pleasant and go out if the way to make you feel welcome!We're so thankful for the special needs program.It has blessed our son so much!!

    thumb Anita Colleen Akins Bubnich

    review rating 5  he is so awesome, works well with all children, he and the other instructors also are so great , love them all . great job y'all ��

    thumb Alice Ward Batema

    review rating 5  I love this place and the instructor's. If you're looking for great mentors in addition for a great karate place in Pooler this is the one.

    thumb Iesha Poochymama Miller

    review rating 5  My son has been doing karate with Carson and staff for over a year. I have been doing it for about 8 months. My husband and daughter attend the different seminars. We have been more than pleased with all staff and the school in general. There are plenty of karate places where we live but we drive an hour each way to get to Pooler Karate because we truly feel they offer the best. They really care about the kids and about proper instruction of matial arts.

    thumb Angel Coughlin

    review rating 5  Mr. Carson and his staff are truly amazing. Since my son has started karate here, he has learned so much self control, how to defend himself and discipline. Bringing him here was such a good decision and I look forward to see what else my son learns from Mr. Carson.

    thumb Dililah Velez
  • review rating 0  Master Carson, his staff, his facility, his education, skill, and knowledge is absolutely highly recommended by myself, my family and my daughter, his student. They’re all extremely friendly and knowledgeable in the art of self defense. Great place!

    thumb Nicholas Lai

    review rating 5  Fantastic school, incredible staff. The school is all-inclusive with Carson's wonderful Special Kicks program for those with special needs, Lil Ninjas for 2-5 year olds, and Tang Soo Do. My daughter has been a student for almost a year and loves it. Krav Maga and Brazilian Jui-jistu classes are also offered.

    thumb Heather Trevino-Brower

    review rating 5  I have Been going to Pooler karate � for 4 years and love this place, its like being part of a second family. I would highly recommend trying this school, all the instructors and staff are very professional and dedicated to the student. Carson Fortner is an absolute positive influence and inspiration to all the kids and adults alike, so come and join us we look forward to seeing you and growing stronger with you.

    thumb Robert Panati

    review rating 5  The staff and instructors have been excellent. Our children enjoy class every week and consistently look forward to the upcoming schedule.

    thumb Blake Moore

    review rating 5  Carson and his staff are all amazing. The patience they have in their little ninjas is incredible. I signed my daughter up expecting it to be along the lines of an exercise or gym type setting of karate because she is two. I had no idea they would actually be able to keep her attention and really teach a toddler karate!

    thumb Patrice Ryan

    review rating 5  I took a women's self-defense class with Carson. I have to admit that I wasn't terribly excited going into it, but ended up having a ton of fun and learning a lot! I'd highly recommend Pooler Karate to anyone.

    thumb Karalee Sartin

    review rating 5  They are great with my kids, I have nothing but good things to say.

    thumb Jordan Carr

    review rating 5  Master Carson and his team are absolutely wonderful. Some people have a natural ability to reach children in a way some can't. Children learn so much more than karate. They teach them disciple, listening skills, courage and on and on. Our grandson absolutely loves it. I can't say enough about this City of Pooler business other than check it out. You and your child will be so glad you did.

    thumb Karen L. Williams

    review rating 0  Mr Carson has great teaching techniques of increasing your child's self esteem, discipline, respect and keeping them physically active day to day. He and all his black belts are great and set an excellent example in teaching our child. You can tell they really care about what they are doing in molding their students. We have noticed an appreciable difference in our child since he started there. He loves going to his classes, enjoys interacting with his teachers and other students, and we have noticed the examples taught from the school in him.

    thumb Doug Davidowski