• review rating 5  My son's favorite activity! I'm amazed at how patient they are with the kids and I'm impressed at how my very active 3 and a half year old son pays attention for a good 30 minutes!

    thumb Lana Makkawi

    review rating 0  Master Carson, his staff, his facility, his education, skill, and knowledge is absolutely highly recommended by myself, my family and my daughter, his student. They’re all extremely friendly and knowledgeable in the art of self defense. Great place!

    thumb Nicholas Lai

    review rating 5  Our family is so blessed by Carson Fortner and Pooler Karate! He and his instructors model and teach much more than karate - integrity, responsibiity, determination, etc! Thankful that our son has this outlet to train hard, learn much, and grow in multiple ways!

    thumb Lana Chilton

    review rating 5  You would think with all these great reviews these people were friends, family or bribed to leave such glowing recommendations. Regardless they are accurate. The staff are awesome with the kids, and I have seen my son grow over the last 2 years in many ways more than what karate teaches you. Fantastic school, staff, and teachings. Love these guys!

    thumb Jonathan Gaouette

    review rating 0  These guys are remarkable! I am so impressed.

    thumb Tracey Hipp Stewart

    review rating 5  Carson Fortner is amazing! He has such great patience and is very skilled in his teaching. I was very impressed with Carson's ability to guide and connect with my special needs child.

    thumb Rachael Rogers

    review rating 5  They are great with my kids, I have nothing but good things to say.

    thumb Jordan Carr

    review rating 5  First day of Krav Maga and I'm completely wore out. I found my new calling. Thank you! #kravmaga

    thumb Gene Schadler

    review rating 5  Kids love it. Started in November and they always look forward to it.

    thumb Jon Jewett
  • review rating 5  Wonderful staff and a great program! Both my kids have benefited so much since they started!!

    thumb Heather Davis

    review rating 5  Instructors are awesome and great with kids. My son loves it.

    thumb Brenda Holler

    review rating 0  Exceptional staff with top notch instructors.Offers a variety of programs for kids to Krav. Instructors are involved and engaging. After the first week I won't take my son anywhere else. Yes, they're that good. ~Vegas Prime

    thumb Vegas Prime

    review rating 5  Great with kids, awesome Krav Maga for adults. Tons of special events and skilled trainers. Love it.

    thumb Jaro Cenkl

    review rating 5  Carson and Mark were amazing. They provided me with new skills that naturally imbeded into both military tactics but also third party self defense. Can't wait till I'm back in Savannah to take more Krav Maga classes. No pain no gain. Thanks Carson.

    thumb Douglas Wayne Johnson

    review rating 5  Excellent program for my son! We moved here from Atlanta in 2013 and he had to start over with a new martial arts program. He was a little timid at the beginning, but he has developed life long friendships along the way. We both love the family environment of Pooler Karate. The instructors are excellent with kids, patient but firm.

    thumb Andrea Elam

    review rating 5  My son recently started the Lil Ninja's program with Mr. Carson and he loves it. He has caught on very quickly and Carson and his staff are so awesome with all the kids. We look forward to every class.

    thumb Jennifer Teeple Mountjoy

    review rating 5  I took a women's self-defense class with Carson. I have to admit that I wasn't terribly excited going into it, but ended up having a ton of fun and learning a lot! I'd highly recommend Pooler Karate to anyone.

    thumb Karalee Sartin

    review rating 5  Best Karate school ever!!!!! Carson is an AMAZING instructor & fantastic with ALL the kids!!!! His Special Kicks program is incredible!!!!!!!

    thumb Brenda Smith
  • review rating 5  Mr Carson Fortner and his staff are undoubtedly the best in Chatham County. Not only he and his staff great with the kids they truly care for their students and our community and other also. In our time here at Pooler Karate we have seen incredible positive changes in my kids and others. Their confidence and self assurance has increased exponentially.

    thumb Ashish Patel

    review rating 0  Just amazing! I highly recommend! My middle child has autism and hates doing anything that doesn’t involve a TV or phone. But he absolutely LOVES karate, and it’s all thanks to everyone there and how wonderful they are. All 3 of my children go here and all of them love it!

    thumb Miranda Herrington Barnard

    review rating 5  Carson and his dojo are amazing. My son who has autism, social anxiety, and leg braces attended while we lived in Pooler. The staff has such patience and love with all the students! My son thrived here and always felt a part of a team. He was so excited for every class! We haven't found anything to compare.

    thumb Michelle Patterson

    review rating 0  Great school with an even better staff!! 5 stars

    thumb Chris Archer

    review rating 5  he is so awesome, works well with all children, he and the other instructors also are so great , love them all . great job y'all ��

    thumb Alice Ward Batema

    review rating 5  My son absolutely loves going to karate here and Carson and the whole staff are always so pleasant and go out if the way to make you feel welcome!We're so thankful for the special needs program.It has blessed our son so much!!

    thumb Anita Colleen Akins Bubnich

    review rating 0  the contract and the expenses

    thumb Suzanne Simmons

    review rating 5  We love this place and the entire staff! Mr. Carson and the rest of the crew do great with the kids. I love the toughness they bring as well as the kindness. I highly recommend Carson Fortners pooler karate!! Go little ninjas 🙂

    thumb Jocelyn Aguilar

    review rating 0  Wonderful group of instructors that took time to explain techniques & encourage women to protect themselves against potential predators. Great class!!

    thumb Pamela K Gale
  • review rating 0  This is going to be a long review but I feel that I have to write it so get ready. We registered our son on 2017 when we moved to Savannah and lived here for 9 months then moved to a different State and moved back to Savannah this year. My son was a very introverted and had difficulty socializing with kids. We tried Play and learn at Gymboree, My Gym, Library activities, art classes ( back home) but he couldn't cope with them, I was very frustrated and worried that nothing was working. We end up moving to Savannah and started Karate it was amazing! how he started blossoming he was not afraid of being in front and surrounded of other kids. The instructors are Great! they have the balance of being fun and at the same time strict and disciplined, the kids are not afraid of them...the kids respect them and loved them. We moved to another State and move back to Savannah and guess what? there he is again at Pooler Karate, my son is every day more confident, discipline and focused, we love this place!

    thumb Katherine J Taype

    review rating 5  The staff and instructors have been excellent. Our children enjoy class every week and consistently look forward to the upcoming schedule.

    thumb Blake Moore

    review rating 5  Fantastic school, incredible staff. The school is all-inclusive with Carson's wonderful Special Kicks program for those with special needs, Lil Ninjas for 2-5 year olds, and Tang Soo Do. My daughter has been a student for almost a year and loves it. Krav Maga and Brazilian Jui-jistu classes are also offered.

    thumb Heather Trevino-Brower

    review rating 5  My husband and I are very happy that we signed up our four year old daughter for karate lessons. She is very excited to go to class and demonstrate new skills at home. We have noticed positive changes such as her attitude, being open to trying new things and improvements on her manners. Over all this is a wonderful place for growing, learning and being part of something positive. Thank you!

    thumb Ksenia Harper

    review rating 0  We have been having trouble with my son listening at school. He is in Mr. Jerry’s BJJ class and I spoke to Jerry about it. Jerry actually talked to him and had a real conversation about it. He cares about his students and is wonderful with them. 100 percent recommend his class. We love being apart of this family.⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

    thumb Christina Jamison

    review rating 5  Carson in all of the other instructors are very friendly. They have taught my two kids a lot of things in the 6 months that they have been attending.

    thumb Greg Brandy

    review rating 5  My son was super shy when he started but the entire staff made him feel safe and comfortable. We love Carson and I suggest him to everyone we know!

    thumb Ashley Konesko

    review rating 5  The great thing I love about Carson is that he is respectful and courteous outside of the studio. He demonstrates the type of behavior that is exemplary in a Master Instructor!

    thumb Bob Hampton

    review rating 0  Had such an awesome time with the instructors! Learned a lot of helpful tips and I hopefully will end up going again!

    thumb Caroline Allen