review rating 0  Pooler Karate is the best! I work here and I love being a part of what the school does for the community. Carson is such a passionate business owner unlike most, he truly loves his students and their families and I am so blessed to be a part of this school. We offer classes to any and everyone of all ages and abilities! God has truly blessed us and our school <3

    thumb Millie Orme

    review rating 5  This is the real deal! We have a son Matthew who earned his BB last December and now our daughter is starting in Lil Ninjas! Master Carson is an excellent martial arts instructor and just a super nice guy as well! Without any doubt-this is the best thing you can do for your child, take him/her to Carson Fortners Pooler Karate and they will receive the best training in American Tang Soo Do!

    thumb John Zipay

    review rating 5  Carson Fortner and Pooler Karate have been such a blessing to my lil man Maddox! He has come such a long way in the year and half he has been involved with the Special Kicks program. Karate is his favorite thing to do! Not only has this been a great experience for Maddox but for me as well. Carson, his family and his staff are some of the best people I've ever had the pleasure of knowing.

    thumb Chelly Davis

    review rating 5  My son recently started the Lil Ninja's program with Mr. Carson and he loves it. He has caught on very quickly and Carson and his staff are so awesome with all the kids. We look forward to every class.

    thumb Jennifer Teeple Mountjoy

    review rating 5  My son loves it here. They go above and beyond with everyone, not just the students. I have never been in a place where the instructors come and shake everyone's hand to say hello, every single day! The instructors each bring a unique personality to the place but ALL share a common love of truly helping better people. I recently moved an hour away and am dragging my feet about pulling my son when time comes but truth be told, I may just grit and bear the hour long drive to keep my son in what works!

    thumb Simone Lindo

    review rating 5  Master Carson and his team are absolutely wonderful. Some people have a natural ability to reach children in a way some can't. Children learn so much more than karate. They teach them disciple, listening skills, courage and on and on. Our grandson absolutely loves it. I can't say enough about this City of Pooler business other than check it out. You and your child will be so glad you did.

    thumb Karen L. Williams

    review rating 5  Mr. Carson and his staff are truly amazing. Since my son has started karate here, he has learned so much self control, how to defend himself and discipline. Bringing him here was such a good decision and I look forward to see what else my son learns from Mr. Carson.

    thumb Dililah Velez

    review rating 5  Our 3 and 4 year old boys are loving the Little Ninja program. They look forward to it every week. The instructors are great with little kids. Not only are they learning karate but also respect, self control, and listening.

    thumb Meghan Diane Jewett

    review rating 0  Pooler karate is the best place to go I’ve been there for 4 years and I’m now going every day

    thumb Miguel Lopez